FundSat Topography

The Static data layer controls the system and contains information about the individual fund instruments and fund families, dealing agreements, client details, documents and other CRM type information. The static data also includes reference data such as currency codes and broker codes. The layer includes online access to electronically stored documents such as fund prospectuses and client agreements.

 The Transaction layer is used to capture fund orders (e.g. subscriptions, redemptions and switches). The transaction layer is designed as a workflow tool that the client can customise to their specific requirements (e.g. authorisation steps). The output management feature means that the client can decide how the transaction details are extracted; as an electronic message (e.g. in SWIFT format), as an interface message to another system or a hard copy pro-forma (e.g. Fax). The transaction layer is also used to capture all dealings with counterparties.

 The Position and transaction repository is used to store fund orders, movements and calculate positions. Updates can be made to the position and order files allowing full interfaces to/ from other applications. The trailer and commission calculator allows calculation and tracking of commissions, with an accounting generation module, which allows accounting entries to be created based on events.

The Business Intelligence Layer contains the core processing functionality including trailer and commission calculations and reports, CDSC penalty fees and other management information (trades per fund, trades per client etc.), and information that can be used for compliance monitoring. The contact log contains a chronological history of all client contact including orders, trades and phone